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Small blessings

I don’t know if I told you all, but last Monday morning, when I was driving home in the dark and the thin fog, just before I turned off the highway, I came upon a very beautiful deer in my lane. I was coming around a gentle curve, so I saw her in plenty of time to slow down. This deer was standing in the middle of the lane, head down like she was eating something off the pavement.

I slowed down and eased up on her…I wanted to get her off the road but not terrify her. She looked like a mule deer, with those big ears. She looked at my very slowly approaching car then turned and walked to the edge of the highway then dropped down into the steep brush on the side of the mountain. It was a real blessing, you know, to get a clear look at one of God’s creatures like that, and to get her off the road before someone hit her.

This morning, I was coming home later than usual (had to work late, and hit a rock so I’d pulled over and checked to make sure nothing wrong on the car, fortunately nothing was damaged) and as I rounded the last curve before I turned off the highway, there she was again.

I don’t know if it was the same deer. It was a doe with big ears, head down like she was eating something off the pavement. Like before, I slowed way down to convince her to get off the road. As before, she turned and walked to the edge of the road, but this time she stood on the shoulder, looking at me. Checking that no one was going to come up behind me and cream me, I slowed down to almost a crawl and gently steered the car in her direction a little bit. I might have even said “shoo.” The deer looked at me a little more, then moseyed off the shoulder and down the side of the mountain.

That’s what I call a “God Gives Me Enough” moment. There were a number of little things, annoying at the time (working late, hitting the rock with no damage) that delayed me just enough to let me both see that animal up close and still be of service to it.

Small blessings. They’re out there, if only we look.


2 thoughts on “Small blessings”

  1. Hey Roy – we really need book two of the chronicles. I mean, really really need. Any ETA?

    PS: I am a paying Kindle customer 🙂

    1. Roy "Griff" Griffis

      First, thanks for that encouraging comment and for being a paying customer.

      I’ve actually finished the first draft of the next two volumes of the Chronicles. LG2 (“The Fire This Time”) is being read by the editor now. My personal goal is November for LG2. Nothing set in stone, but that’s what I’m aiming for. Once that’s in the pipeline, I’ll get LG3 (“The Broken Return”) cleaned up and edited for release fairly soon after that.

      And, please, let me know what you think of the short-story you downloaded.

      Again, really appreciate you taking the time to drop by.

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