Roy M. Griffis

Roy M. Griffis


Truesbury – the comic strip we need now

This is from the mad geniuses over at Right-Wing Riot.  For Today’s “Truesbury,” go here.

This is their satiric re-imagining of Doonesbury as it would be if the Washington Post and G.D. Trudeau had as much fire in the belly for illuminating the transgressions of a Democrat White House as they did for one run by the GOP.  As The Right-Wing Riot likes to ask, “What could be the (D)ifference?”

To savor the evolution of the snark satire, check out the Archives.




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22 thoughts on “Truesbury – the comic strip we need now”

  1. Roy? Is this the same Roy Griffis, Coast Guard, who allowed me to direct his brilliant and award winning one act, “Against All Enemies”?? Great to find you, and congratulations on this superb commentary.

  2. Trudeau hasn’t penned anything this funny sine his “Gladys Knight and the Pips” series in the Summer of ’74. No… wait… the old brokedick has never been funny.

    This is poignant AND funny.

    1. To be fair, Trudeau did have John Kerry pegged back in 1971. Of course, that would be the equivalent in 1971 of citing something someone had drawn or written in 1928 as proof they weren’t a doctrinaire liberal hack, but it does the like Darth Vader, there once were a few rational human thoughts in Trudeau’s head.

  3. Anyone old enough to remember how righteous the liberals were in 1974 will love this. We were snookered into believing people like Garry Trudeau, the late night comedians and SNL were concerned with the US Constitution and the rule of law. Turns out they were only concerned with power.

    1. I was one of those righteous liberals, in that I believed what they said they stood for. Now, because I still believe those things, I’m a racist sexist microagressor.

      1. Tyrone Slothrop

        I was one of those liberals, too, and I looked forward to Doonesbury, which was actually printed on dead trees back then. Silly me, I thought the counterculture was about individual freedom. It turned out the opposite was true. It took me twenty years to figure out that the last thing the left wants you to do is make up your own mind.

  4. Correction: The strip a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist should be writing now…if he were intellectually honest.

    And that’s apparently a gargantuan “if”.

  5. Someday I will write a science fiction story with a time traveler materializing in an alley. He walks into the street of a bustling US city, and wonders to himself, “What year have I arrived in?” He overhears a scrap of conversation between two passers by: “Doonesbury was hilarious today!” Hmm, it has to be the 1970s, he thinks.

    1. Prince of Whitebread

      Ah, dude, I wish I’d thought to do that! I mean, we all have been asking “What (D)ifference does it make?”

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