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Dances With Irrationality

The guy who wrote “Dances With Wolves” died last week. To quote the Hollywood Reporter, “Michael Blake, who won an Academy Award for adapting the screenplay for Dances With Wolves from his own novel, has died. He was 69. Blake died peacefully after a lengthy illness on Saturday in Tuscon, Ariz.

Say what you will of the somewhat PC-softened portrayal of the Sioux, it was a damned enjoyable film (which became one of the more worthy Director’s Cuts I’ve ever seen), and I hope Mr. Blake was justly pleased with having been able to offer that to the world.

But the occasion of his passing reminds me of the time I realized, fully and personally, that Liberals are insane. And it was this picture that brought the exact moment to mind:


The photo above is at the Academy Awards in 1991, where Blake is accepting his Oscar for best adapted screenplay. With him is a remarkable woman named Doris Leader Charge, who at the time was a 60-year-old teacher at South Dakota’s Sinte Gleska College. She was also one of the few humans on the planet fluent in the all-but lost Lakota Sioux dialect. She had been hired by the production company to help translate screenplay dialogue into the authentic speech of the Plains Indians, and worked closely with the actors throughout the filming. She was integral to the cultural and emotional verisimilitude of the film.  (Read More at “Truth Revolt”…)

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