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About that (allegedly) Glamorous Writer’s Life

About that (allegedly)
Glamorous Writer's Life

Portrait of the artist as a young father with a young lad who will also become an artist.

Some of y’all may not know I have a “day job.”  It’s with a great company, work with fine and funny folk…no complaints there.

But I may have also mentioned I have about 15 novels waiting to be written (that number may be moving up to 16, based on an idea I had when I first woke up).  Most mornings, I’m up at 4am before work, which gives me a chance to write up until about 630am,  when I have jump in the shower and get ready for what most people consider their real job.


How the research goes with me…

How the research tends to go with me

When writing a novel, there is a place where you brain is going “Only 20 pages? Are you nuts? You have to write 40 times that to finish the book!”

I also run into that when researching the places and times for the next novel.  Pick up a source you think will be great, read 80 or 90 pages before you realize the author is only interested in relaying nominally interesting anecdotes about high-level goings on, with none of the detail of daily life I’m looking for.  So I’ll put that aside, grumbling about the lost time, and pick up another.

This is a very small sample, with all of the random

The Curse of Research

The Curse of Research

As I’ve mentioned before, my research takes me in odd directions and inspires new ambitions in me.

Now I want to learn how to do this.  If only I didn’t have 15 novels to write, the day job to maintain, and various human relationships to nuture.

But, still, it’s awfully cool to watch.

Life Happens Pretty Fast


This past Sunday, I finished the first draft of the second Cthulhu, Inc.  book, The Auditors of Doom.  That clocked in at 340 pages, over 78,000 words.  I’m taking a week off to clear my head before diving into the revisions/rewrites.

In the meantime, waiting anxiously for the revised cover of Book One The Thing from HR.   Aiming to have that ready and released right around Memorial Day:  nothing says “beach reading” like the misadventures of a Shoggoth down among the Hairless Apes.

This may or may not be how our "hero" will look

And, since life has a way of happening even while I’m living among the characters in my head, I’ve been rehearsing

Random coolness

Random Coolness


So while I was home recovering from some sinus surgery (yeah, that happened)…

…I was in my office trying to read when out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of something flying low past our fence, toward the back acreage. 

It turned out to be this fine fellow, a great blue heron, probably checking out how well stocked we keep our little pond.  

I like seeing stuff like this. A bald eagle apparently nests about 8 miles from here.  Some day, I’ll get a photo of him, too.

Oh, and the surgery tuned out great.  Only downside to me not snoring is that my wife kept thinking I’d died in my sleep.  Fortunately, that hasn’t

There is so much crap out there…

pimp the good stuff, my people!

Mission Statement:  

There is way too much soul-debasing garbage out there.   Let’s tell the world when we find creative work that is good, original, even uplifting.



(Ed.  Originally written in March, which gave me the idea for these posts)

My wife is likely fighting the Wuhan Virus.  So we have spent time inside this weekend.  And we watched a delightful, accomplished, and exceedingly fine film called Emma.  Released in 2020, it’s a sumptuous, funny, sweet, and ultimately very moving adaptation of a Jane Austen novel.

Not an Austen purist myself, I’ve never read the source material.  I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the film and as soon as it is available on

New book coming real soon…

New Book coming real soon...

Boy, that was communicated just like an actual author.

But it’s true.  I’m already hard at work on Book Two of my new Cthulhu, Inc. series.

While that’s happening, I’m finishing up the editing and general prettying-up of the first book in that series, The Thing from HR.

It’s very different from any of my previous novels; the cover and title might be a tip off to that fact.  I’m kind of stoked about it (I do, as my website proclaims, call myself a storyteller for a reason), but don’t worry.  I’m planning on completing additional books in the By the Hands of Men and Lonesome George series this year, too.  

I’ll let you

I am working on the new novel, I swear

Just broke 200 pages on it…getting closer to the end of the first draft. But, like I’ve said before, my research leads me down some odd side-streets.

 Like this one. You can apparently download full copies of old pulp magazines here. I haven’t done it, but the covers alone are worth a look.

“The Incense of Abomination.”  Now that is a title.



And check out some of the writers on those covers (Bradbury!! Lovecraft!! Howard!!).

I see I could spend a long time browsing these, but you get the idea.  Back to work.