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Been kind of busy lately.

BabyKat accepts no excuses.
BabyKat accepts no excuses.


How busy? Four novels to revise busy.  Didn’t plan it that way, but…here’s the scoop.

Lonesome George 2 (“The Fire This Time”) and Lonesome George 3 (“The Broken Return”) have been written.  LG2 has been revised and is with my editor and publisher now.

By the Hands of Men 2 (“Into the Flames,” hmmm, I might have something thematic going on here) and By the Hands of Men 3 (“The Wrath of a Righteous Man”) have been written.

I have the copy-edited version of BTHOM2 and I will begin reviewing that within days.  My goal is to have the novel ready for sale on Amazon by mid-November or December 1 at the latest (should some annoying minor knee surgery  get in the way).

Speaking of “Into the Flames,” here’s a completely unsolicited plug for the novel from my copy-editor Ann Sterzinger, a pretty damn fine writer herself.   She was on an internet radio show and the subject of historical novels came up.  This is what she had to say:



Damn, you can’t pay for that kind of praise.  Thank you, Ms. Sterzinger!

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