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16 thoughts on “Archives”

  1. This is remarkable. A grown man posts what amounts to “nuh-uh, YOU are!” on the internet and insists it’s satire? How embarrassing.

  2. So you just take out one name, replace it with “Obama” or “Democrat” and what? Think you’ve made some clever point? What’s worse is it’s just a bunch of recyled Tea Party nonsense, “OMG! Obama is on vacation!!!!!”.

    Are you so weak and lame you can’t come up with your own strips with fresh angles and ideas?

    Well, obviously, but are you aware of it? That’s the real question.

    1. Roy "Griff" Griffis

      Thanks for noticing that “Truesbury” is green. We are, in fact, recycling Liberal High Dudgeon and repurposing it for our more enlightened times. (you might want to look up the definition of “parody” and then meditate upon this: if the strip was funny/true in its original, Republican-bashing phase, why is it not equally funny and true when aimed accurately at a Democrat?)

      Oh, and thanks for reading.

      1. Let’s take politics out of this for just half a second, okay? You with me? Just pretend politics don’t exist in this comic. Or at all. You are apolitical. We good? Okay, cool.

        This comic is a “parody” about as much as somebody taking a picture of Bugs Bunny and coloring him pink is parody. That’s why it’s stupid. Forget politics. This is the laziest, most uninspired thing in the world of webcomics, and that is truly a feat.

        1. Roy "Griff" Griffis

          Thanks for stoppin’ by, thorne, we’re always to happy to see our friends from “Something Awful.”

        2. “Let’s take the politics out of this…”

          That is about as intelligent as suggestion as “let’s take the colors out of Paul Gaugin” or “let’s take the mass and form out of August Rodin”.

      2. Ya know, it’s truly amazing how simply taking out one name and replacing it with “Obama” or “Democrat” makes it just as true today as the author perceived it to be at the time. Just as funny to see the Liberals/Progressives getting miffed about the POTUS and the Dems getting poked with their own barbs..

        Keep it up Roy!!!

    2. Actually it IS quite clever. The point being made is: all you have to do is replace “Bush” or “Republican” references with “Obama” or “Democrat” and you’re poking the Dems instead of the Repubs. Kinda amazing how totally true it is and how easy it all fits together, eh?

      As for “bunch of recycled Tea Party nonsense, “OMG! Obama is on vacation!!!!!””.. have any of us ever seen a POTUS that spends as much time on the golf course as Obama does? What’s the count now.. 190 rounds of golf since taking office? Seriously, he gives a bullshit filled speech about an American journalist getting his head lopped off by an ISIS terrorist, then it’s off to the links!?!? It’s like he was greatly inconvenienced by having to take a break from golfing and actually DO something Presidential. What a f’ing joke.

  3. It scares me how accurate Mark’s comment is. ALL that really NEEDS to be done for this to turn in to an effective ‘barb’ against the Left (rather than the Right) is to change a few words. I don’t know for certain what to say to that… but I do know I find it ironic (and in some ways almost pathetic…) that the Liberals reading this material are throwing a fit because of that fact. They attack the people who are using this material, but I can imagine that if the (original) comic had been written by a Republican to satirize Democratic politics, then the Left would have absolutely NO problem with this use of the material.
    As someone who spoke earlier said, the only time that something like this/that bothers a Leftist is when it’s to their disadvantage – whenever it’s insulting/criticizing/etc. them – no matter how significant or minor the act is.
    The best comparison I can make is to say that it’s like dealing with a spoilt child. Said child has NO problem with the rules, as long as those rules are to their advantage – as long as the rules give he/she what they want. The MOMENT the rules are turned on that ‘brat’ (as it were), that brat will go berserk about how ‘unfair’ the rules are.

    It’s childish, and it’s pathetic.

  4. Enjoying this immensely! I’d read some Doonesbury, but was never really a fan. Quite entertaining, including the comments.

    1. Roy "Griff" Griffis

      thanks, Eric. New strips will now be found at You can sign up for the news letter over there, too!

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