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The Reviews are In…


For By the Hands of Men, Book Two, Into the Flames (some of them include Book One of the series, The Old World, as well), and they’re pretty nice.

My favorite so far is this one, from BookBlogger, Carrie K, who wrote:  “Wow…That is the best word I can find to describe these books. Wow!  So Good!”  I think I like that one best because she sounds so surprised (which she actually explains a bit further into the review).

A very lovely blogger known as Mrs. C wrote, “If you are a romantic, lover of history, and appreciate great writing which could be described as classic, you will enjoy this excellent work.  I have the sequel to The Old World at my side, ready to open as soon as I complete this review. ”

And she was as good as her word, describing “Into the Flames” thusly:  “Mr. Griffis paints a portrait of this time in history, the despair, the longing, and the struggle just to survive physically, emotionally, and mentally.  While historically detailed, this novel will also appease those readers who love adventure, romance, and espionage.”

BookBlogger TLHouchin from Texas also enjoyed the first novel a lot.  “I saved the best for last. His characters are beautifully crafted. Charlotte, the Russian nurse is someone we get to see evolve from a naive young girl to a very well respected accomplished physicians assistant. We get to see how she hardens and matures because of the things she sees and has to do during the Great War. We see the friendships that are forged under the worst conditons. We also watch as a friendship with Mr. Fitzgerald turns into  forbidden love.
This is a very well crafted story. If you are a fan of historical fiction, as I am, you will love this book. Give it a try and please let me know what you think of it.”

Another reviewer, writing at a very vividly imagined site called “TomeTender” (with the very funny observation “When it comes to books, who needs shelf control?”) is big fan of both novels.  She said of Into the Flames “Mr. Griffis writes with heart, as he allows his readers to feel each moment as if they were right there. Wonderful characters, some a little mysterious, but all are very well developed and uniquely placed in this saga exactly when needed. Highly recommended reading for history lovers, highly recommended for anyone who likes good reading with depth.”

Kaitlyn King, who blogs over at K’s Book Review had an interesting reaction to The Old World:  “At first I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this story. By the end, though, I ended up reading for 3 hours straight (even through class) just to figure out what happened. The story is thrilling, historically accurate, and shows the mental state of a young woman forced to endure the hardest thing any female could in those days.”  (now here’s the part I really like:)  “My friend in Psychology wants to read this book specifically to see how the author depicts the changing mental state of the woman from before the front line work and after.”

More reviews are coming in (some at Goodreads or Amazon), like “Mr. Griffis does a terrific job of writing a story that makes you feel like you are right along the front line or in the hospital as this story unfolds.  If you want a story that feels authentic and is beautifully written then I recommend this read. You will be enthralled from the first page to the last. I can’t wait to read book two.”


This is high and humbling praise.  Sure, it’d be nice to make a living as a writer, but it is deeply gratifying to know that I’ve provided such an emotional experience for an essentially anonymous reader, who knows nothing about me beyond the words on the page.  It’s also nice to know that most of these reviewers are anxious to get hold of Book Three, The Wrath of a Righteous Man, which will be out this May (just in time for travel- and beach-reading).

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  1. I’m here by your invite in a response to my review on Amazon Kindle. And it’s humbling; the reviews mentioned here are much more eloquent and expansive than mine.
    But you better get cracking on Book 4; leave someone else to get the calf out of the well!

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