Roy M. Griffis – Storyteller

Interviewed over at “A Blue Million Books.”

A fine-looking “gosh, I really love books and reading” blog, run by Amy Metz.  She kindly interviewed me, and made me look a lot more fun and interesting than I am with some very thoughtful questions like:

For what would you like to be remembered? 
Great question. At my wake there’s going to be a margarita machine, and everybody will get to stand up and tell funny stories about me. I’d like to be remembered as a decent, hard-working guy, a good father, and somebody who told some good stories.

Author Photo Bike Cropped
I bet that will be one helleva wake! Would you make a good character in a book? 
Ah, hell, yes. I’m a renaissance man, but I think I’d be the guy to die toward the end of Act Two. Useful, but not the main character, probably.


Thank you, Ms. Metz!

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