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“The Broken Return”- Book Three of The Lonesome George Chronicles

The Broken Return

Book 3 of The Lonesome George Chronicles

"The Broken Return." Now available at Amazon

The story picks up right where Book 2 ended, following the leaders of the rising Resistance as they struggle to survive in what remains of a USA shattered by nuclear attack and a Jihadist invasion in the last year of George W. Bush’s presidency.

In the Arizona desert, Whistler and his tiny band of isolated fighters link up with other patriots to attack the soldiers of the Caliphate.

In Washington, congressional aides Karen and Kevin watch as an unelected government arises on the ashes of the old one and makes a secret deal with America’s enemies.

And, in California, ex-media celebrities Molly Ivins and Alec Baldwin find the will to organize and fight back against the invaders who have brutally murdered their loved ones.

Meanwhile, the former president known as Lonesome George – still unsure of his missing wife’s status or whereabouts – prepares to emerge from hiding and lead the battle to take back our nation.

Don’t miss this action-packed installment of the four-part adventure by Roy M. Griffis, set in an alternate timeline where Americans must once again fight for their freedom against the forces of foreign oppression and corruption from within.

The ebook of “The Big Bang” (Volume One of this exciting series)  is on sale now for 99 cents at Amazon, just in time for holiday and beach reading.


4 thoughts on ““The Broken Return”- Book Three of The Lonesome George Chronicles”

    1. Captain America

      Man, thanks for the kind words…Book 4 is on my mind, along with notes and my usual research. Stay in touch, Brian!

    1. Captain America

      Gosh, thanks for your interest. First, the books are temporarily out of print. The rights reverted to me as I thought the publisher wasn’t doing enough with them. I will be re-issuing them shortly. Audiobook versions are on my list, but a little further down the road (there are about 13 novels in front of that project, including LG4).

      I will announce to the world when I’m doing that, though! In the meantime, have you checked out my “By the Hands of Men” series?


      Thanks, again!

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