Roy M. Griffis – Storyteller

Along with everything else…

With the impending release of “The Broken Return, Book 3 of The Lonesome George Chronicles,” (and Book One “The Big Bang” is on sale for 99 cents)

and a recent move to Texas…

…inevitably all my journeys led me here..

…I’ve been lagging on updating my faithful fans with details of my doin’s.

Along with everything else (and I haven’t even mentioned the 80-year-old historic home we’re renovating or “Ringside at the Circus of the Fallen” (working title of “Book Four of my By the Hands of Men” series), I did manage to sneak in a radio interview with The Writer’s Block, out of Los Angeles. The fellas were damn kind, and had this to say:

Thursday’s interview with writer, Roy Griffis, (Griff to his friends) was a lot of fun. Not only is Griff a terrific writer, but as Bob said, “It’s hard to write a protagonist that’s a different sex as the writer, yet Griff Pulled it off wonderfully.” His series “By The Hands of Men” is a terrific look at turn of the century England and Russia during and after WWI. You can listen right here!

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