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Plus a Bonus Personal Demon

Lovely way to start the year:

New users will have to supply their own personal demon
Got my writing desk set up, the office cleaned, and then ran across a couple of really nice 5 star reviews for By the Hands of Men:

“Absolutely incredible!

“I have always been drawn to historical series, because I needed to know how each character developed and finished his or her role in the story-telling. I was not disappointed with any facet in this series! Robert and Charlotte faced and survived unspeakable hardship and horror, yet their love for each other never wavered. Please read this series.”


In an age where debauchery and ugliness is the norm, this book brings truth and goodness and beauty. A story of real love – self-sacrificial and respectful – between all the main characters. Highly recommend to anyone sick of the dross in most books these days.”
Dang, guess I’d better get back to work, then. Book 7 ain’t gonna write itself (actually, it will, sort of, but somebody does have to type it out…).

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