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I recently was selected for a Bookbub promotion, which introduced the “By the Hands of Men” series to a whole new group of readers.

Some of the reactions have been just marvelous. I hope I am never so jaded by my progress that I lose my sense of gratitude that someone finds my books compelling or entertaining or perhaps even enlightening.

A Six Book Series Worth Reading.

“I have not committed myself to a six book series as I’ve never believed an author could sustain a story and keep it interesting for that long. I was proven wrong by Roy Griffiths with this series which I found myself finding time to read rather than to sleep. I wouldn’t recommend reading these books individually as I don’t think each is meant to stand alone. There are past experiences by the main characters in previous books that are often referred to in a following text. I enjoy reading about WW1 which is where the series starts. It continues until about 1940. I found the context and historical descriptions believable and the scenario involved many countries in Europe and Africa as well as the United States. The finale takes place in Los Ángeles and, as a native of Southern California, I found the description of the geography and history of the area quite accurate. In all six books I only came across one editing error and perfect grammar. I find this extremely important. Although this tale includes a love story that part is handled discretely and the author doesn’t use detailed sexual descriptions to keep the story interesting. I seldom take the time to review a book I’ve read but felt these volumes deserved a review from a grateful reader.”

2 thoughts on “Gratefulness…”

  1. my husband loved this series. he was so into it I looked over wheb
    n he was in book six at about 80 per cent and saw that he was actually crying. any chance it will be made into a movie?

    1. Man, talk about words an author lives for…”Why, yes, I’m pleased I can make grown men cry.”

      Do tell your husband how pleased I am that he was captured by the novels…and I’d love to know what part he was reading at that moment.

      I would like to turn the series into a movie or long-form mini-series. I’ll be looking into that later this year. We just moved into the historic home, and, my goodness, everything is disrupted, so that will have to wait for a little while.

      Thank you again for taking the time to share that story with me.

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