Roy M. Griffis – Storyteller

Treasure is where you look for it

…and what is important to you.
Alisa and I finally have been able start the leveling process on “back 40” of the historic home we’ve been working on for 2 years.
There is a pond out back…likely dug to drain the water off the majority of 1.4 or so acres back there. The pond area had been so desperately overgrown she and I had been unable to walk all the way around the place.
So we took a stroll last night and marveled at pieces of land we’d never really seen before. And found two bottles in the mud by the pond.
The middle two I found last night. The outside two I uncovered in about 30 minutes of digging this evening.
The far left is a French’s mustard jar, patented (according to the bottom of the jar) “Feb 23-15.” 1915? Dunno how long that was in production.
Age and purpose of the little bottle on the far right is anyone’s guess.
I’m guessing the back side of the pond was where they burned their trash. I’ve found shards of pottery, a rusted spur, and a lot of broken glass, along with these four bottles.
These pieces of someone’s life, maybe a long time ago, weren’t important to them any longer and were tossed on a rubbish pile.
They’re not “important” to me, but feel a tiny bit magical: a tiny link to a very real past that happened right here.

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