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A photographer, I ain't.
A photographer, I ain’t.


A few weeks ago, I commented on a book (“The Sword and Shield”), which covered, in 732 pages, the KGB archives that came out with a Russian Defector.  It dealt with nearly 80 years of the USSR’s attempts to influence and coerce.  The scarier tidbits (and there were a lot) covered how Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration was riddled with communist agents, the stories the Reds planted with the press to derail Presidential candidates (a job the press now does cheerfully for free against the “wrong sorts”).  Assassination (both character and mortal), overthrows, plots, millions of dollars a year to the “innocent” American Communist Party, to say nothing of their insanely focused efforts to steal technology from the US (from the Atomic Bomb on down).  It is very sobering stuff (hidden weapons caches in the US), and ought to be required reading for anyone interested in the Secret History of History.

Then, about two days after that, a journalist from a Czechoslovakian newspaper contacted me saying he wanted an interview.
And for the past three days, people from mostly Middle Eastern countries (Pakistan, Syria, etc) have been trying to hack my webpage “”
So, I’m getting attention, I’m just not sure whose.

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