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The Infants’ Crusade

Once more, the national press is suddenly acknowledging what the wretched conservative scum have been saying for a while.  Antifa is a violent criminal organization.  

The Media mandarins can’t actually come out and say conservatives are right, of course, because conservatives are never correct about anything.

However, note that in the Politico story linked above, the violence is ultimately the fault of Trump supporters.

“…reports appear to bolster Trump’s insistence that extremists on the left bore some blame for the clashes in Charlottesville and represent a “problem” nationally. But they also reflect the extent that his own political movement has spurred the violent backlash.”

Yup.  By daring to seek different solutions to the problems they see confronting the nation, Trump supporters forced Antifa to mob them.

Antifa was just forced to beat Trump supporters bloody because, you know, it’s okay to punch a Nazi.  That’s righteous.  Or so we’ve been told (and the convenient beauty of NewSpeak as practiced by our betters is the definition of “Nazi” is so fluid:  It’s anybody who disagrees with you!).

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And the only reason anyone would have voted for Trump is because they’re a racist Nazi who hates all things good and wise.

So, naturally, it has to be the fault of evil-by-definition conservatives.

The most cursory of reflection on the current media Important Insight du Jour, Comrades! makes the mendacity of that position pretty clear.  But let’s put it another way:  imagine, if you will, the outrage if someone said about black on black murder rates: “Why, Miss Scarlett, don’t you worry your pretty head about that.  Them ignorant darkies don’t know any better, they just cain’t help themselves.”

Kinda like how Politico is suggesting the misguided children of Antifa (with their trendy black clothing and daringly accessorized ax handles) lack the impulse control to keep them from burning, looting, and recreationally beating the wrong-thinking sorts.  “It’s your fault for voting incorrectly and inflaming the passions of the citizens who contribute so much to society.”

This is the same group of fellating Fellow Travelers who worked so very hard to tell America about (almost-completely fictitious) Tea Party violence, racism, and antisemitism, while overlooking, ignoring, and eliding (that’s from the French, for “to lie their damn fool heads off about“) the bomb plots and “ITZ THE JEWS” ranting of their Good Comrades in Gucci, also known as Occupy Wall Street.

This is the same group of Resistance! Not My President! Fifth Column Communicators who cheerfully and widely propagated the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” lie about the Martyr Michael Brown.

Any destruction that followed the “peaceful protests,” well…that certainly wasn’t the fault of anybody in the press.

This is the same collective of Dependably Democrat Contributors that was recently praising Antifa for their values and and for standing up to the scourge of…well, you know who the enemies of the people are.

But in case you hadn’t been keeping up, recall that “They made me do it!” is the shrill, whiny excuse of infants and abusers (and their enablers) everywhere.


When Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s underwent politically expedient conversions on the issue of homosexual marriage they were given chin-stroking dispensation by the usual group of cultural guardians (Colbert, Stewart, and the rest of the tragically hip wanna-bes).


Just like then, the sudden disavowal of Antifa by Politico and the Washington Post and Salon (among the most dependably Democrat House Pravadas)  is the flimsiest cover for them realizing this simple fact:  “Oh, man, we overreached.”  In this case, “We can’t keep selling the lie they are doing the Lord’s work when they show up masked and armed and mob swarm anyone they decide is doubleplus ungood.”


Too late, Comrades!  The Deplorables are on to this latest  act of Media Mendacity:  It’s Bullshit.

And we’re not interested in taking another bite of your Democracy Dies in Darkness shit sandwich.

Enjoy your stock options, journalists.  You’ve earned them.



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