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Thank You!

2 thoughts on “Thank You!”

  1. Kevin McDonald

    I just finished The Big Bang yesterday and what a page-turner! I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I am already having serious withdrawals. I am really looking forward to the sequel(s).

    1. Roy "Griff" Griffis

      Words an author lives for. I’ve finished the first draft of the sequel, which, according to my publishers, is actually two books. Book Two is called “The Fire This Time” and you can read a chapter from it over at Liberty Island Magazine. Book Three is called “The Broken Return.” I’m doing my best to get the publishers to put Book Two out in November (perfect for your gift-giving needs). I’ll let you know what I hear.

      And Kevin, since you liked the book, could you give me an Amazon review and spread the word about it? Stuff like that will help more people know about the book. Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks again!

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