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So, this is what being a published author looks like.

Okay…made it to NYC yesterday and the Book Launch Party. I was an hour and a half late, but that was fine (other than the fact I raced into the hotel room, threw my case and laptop on the bed and raced out, forgetting to change into my grown up shoes).


(I’m in the red.  The gray shoes belong to another fashion threat, Clarke Wilson, husband to my co-conspirator Scary Smart Jamie K. Wilson)

It was great, the restaurant/club was two blocks from the hotel, and literally a stone’s throw from the famed Algonquin Hotel. As I was working hard to talk to folks and thank them for showing up, I didn’t get a lot of pictures…will have to get those from the Liberty Island folks or Jamie Wilson. I did get a picture of the nice display of books they put up:



I’m staying at The Hotel on Times Square. Building is probably about 100 years old…it’s been well renovated, but still has some very cool features that hark back to its architectural origins.

I’m on the 11th floor. This is what it looks like down the stairway.

hotel staircase


I had breakfast with an old High School buddy, the “talented guy” from back then.  He’s a working actor in New York City, great singer, too, and the son of a gun can write, as well (you see now why I hate him so). Very nice to see him and catch up again. Then I came back to the hotel and did some “work,” putting together today’s “Truesbury.” My lunch with my publisher had to be canceled due to some weather-related Dadman duties at the last moment. As I know that Dadman’s work is never done, it was all good. I wandered down the street and had lunch here, 3 slices for $6.



It was plenty good, then I walked around looking at the people and the old building for a while.


Yeah, this is me at my most “white boy from Nebraska.”  I look at places like this, imagining when they were new and exciting, all of the folks who might have lived and dreamed there.

Tonight, meeting the Riot Guurlz for dinner.

Small Threesome


Then up early Friday morning to return to reality, work, and the new grandbaby.  Alex Flores born today (haven’t got the details, but mom and baby are doing fine), 7 lb, 13 oz.



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