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So, I’m also going to Los Angeles this week

The “SmashCut CineFest” film festival happens Thursday.  There, I’ll be receiving my “John Milius Screenwriting” award, hosted by Taliesin Nexus, a group of creative folks rather more interested in liberty and freedom than whatever is the woke subject du jour.

I’m hoping I might, just possibly, meet the man himself, the legendary Mr. Milius (whose career I can’t even begin to capture, except to say “Conan,” “Red Dawn,” or “The Wind and the Lion.”).  No one’s promised an introduction, and Mr. Milius has been ill recently, but if my life has proven anything to me, it’s that a kid who mostly grew up in Nebraska can – has to – dream.

Still, I’m going to the Dream Factory packing.  First, I’m going to take  a BluRay copy of “Red Dawn” and hope for an autograph (it would go nicely with my letter from Ray Bradbury and the hard-back volume of “Watership Down” signed by Richard Adams).

Second, I’m taking along these babies:


An English Lieutenant and an immigrant Russian nurse meet scarcely a mile from the bloody trenches of World War One France, where they witness the hell that the hands of men can create. The memory of their brief weeks together will follow them for years as they cross a world staggered by war, revolution, and duplicity. Epic historical fiction, the saga sweeps across four continents in a gripping tale of fate, loss, redemption, and love.


Yup, “business cards” are very old school, but what the heck.  I’m going to be meeting a lot of bright, up-and-coming filmmakers, perhaps even some who are interested in original stories, not re-boot/re-recycle/re-hashes of “intellectual property” that’s been drained of everything that made it fresh and compelling back in the day.

Regardless, looking forward to meeting the folks behind the contest and personally expressing my thanks to them.


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