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With a Conservative Book Club!

Cons Book Club

If, like me, you believe that to change the culture we need to change the story that culture tells itself, then here’s an opportunity to make the change real right now.

Sponsored by the Salem Media Group, this free service wants to be “Your Home for Great Conservative Books.”  Their new site “will allow you to create your own conservative bookshelf, rate books, post comments, and share your favorite books with your friends!”

An important part of their launch is that for the first time, the Conservative Book Club is featuring fiction.  Novels, with a conservative point of view.  It’s an experiment, and if we want them to continue to showcase great fiction for the rest of America, we need to make sure they get a lot of traffic.  So, stop on by and sign up for their free newsletter and browse a little.  You might find some good stuff for the weekend.

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