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Big stuff starting to happen.  My novel, “The Big Bang, Volume One of the Lonesome George Chronicles” is going to be published by Liberty Island Media in December of this year.   I’m also in discussions with a publisher about the “By the Hands of Men” series, but nothing on that is firm. With a couple of really smart and talented ladies, I’ve created “The Right-Wing Riot.”  We started as one-off internet radio show, looks like we’re going to be a weekly thing, and soon we’re going to morph into our own website featuring “Public Service Satire.”  After that, our own line of organic and morally pleasing breakfast cereals. The Right-Wing Riot’s Public Service Satire strip, “Truesbury” is beginning to get some attention, too, including being retweeted by the near-mythical Instapundit. Meanwhile, work continues on the sequel to Lonesome George and I’m gathering data for Book Four of “By the Hands of Men.” I’ve been pretty busy.  But never too busy for another picture of one of the cats.  Today:  Felix helps me!   Felix assist 

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