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My “blazing” debut.

A boy and his mum, on a Hawaii cruise (not pictured: the wife, kids, and an aunt).

This was lovely and wholly unexpected. ran an excerpt from the opening of Volume One of the Lonesome George Chronicles, The Big Bang.    One major reason it was so nice was because it really excited my Mom.  She’s a fan of Glenn Beck, and after having to read my stuff ever since I was a wee annoying lad of seven, she was thrill to see all of her decades of patience and encouragement pay off with my appearance in the virtual pages of The Blaze.   (Love ya, Mom!)

“Last year we wrote about Liberty Island, a publishing house created by longtime industry executive Adam Bellow to help independent authors see their conservative and libertarian-themed fiction titles come to life. The broader mission of the company as we noted is to help foster the right-oriented counterculture, in an effort to compete against the left in the war of ideas.

“The fruits of the efforts of Liberty Island are beginning to come to fruition, with one of its new titles Roy Griffis’ “The Big Bang,” a post-apocalyptic thriller in which America is under attack by an unholy alliance of jihadists and the Communist Chinese, and a man known as “Lonesome George” rises from the ashes to lead the resistance…”

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