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I’ve always liked donkeys

Don’t know why.  Maybe it’s something about their faces.  They seem to take life very seriously.

Some “Saint Christopher’s” wild donkeys my wife and I ran across during a bike ride outside of Las Vegas.

Turns out in Texas (where we moved and are enjoying a great deal), there are places with more donkeys than local forage for them.  Rather than euthanize them, the state allows people to adopt these donkeys.  Basically, you are fostering the donkey on your land.

Since I hate the idea of animals suffering (see my first By the Hands of Men novel for more on that)…


…once we get some good green East Texas acreage, I plan on adopting.  Since they’re herd animals, it would be cruel to only have one, and so there are two donkeys in my future.

I’m going to name one of them Edgar.

The other will be called Rice.

And I’ll have Edgar Rice Burros.

No, seriously.





2 thoughts on “I’ve always liked donkeys”

  1. Adrienne Perry

    I love donkeys…had a couple when I was a kid. I also love your “By the Hands of Men” series…I found them heartfelt, informative & entertaining. BUT…are you going to finish the series? Still waiting!

    1. Roy "Griff" Griffis

      I am working on the last volume now. It should be out before Christmas. I don’t want to rush through it. Sorry to make you wait so long.

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