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Here’s your chance: nominate “right” novels for publication!

As some of you know, Andrew Breitbart famously pointed out that politics are downstream from culture.  I’ve heard folks clamor for more positive entertainment options, not only for our own pleasure, but because of pop culture’s potential power to sway public opinion away from somehow looking upon Progressive (Communist-Marxist-Maoist-Stalinist) Fascism favorably. America has very little time left if it is to be saved.

“How can I help?” you ask. If you are a Kindle enthusiast, you can visit Amazon’s Kindle Scout page and nominate novels by known writers of the Right. In my previous post, I mentioned illustrator and author Kia Heavey, who writes excellent fiction (with a dash of fantasy mixed in) that is pleasing to people with good, solid, American sensibilities. She currently has an unpublished (and awesome-looking) novel, Domino, in the running for a Kindle Press contract. Why not stop by to nominate Domino? If it wins, you will receive a free ebook upon publication. If you have an Amazon account, the whole thing literally takes two clicks. Just click here, then hit the “Nominate Me” button. Done!DOMINO_cover_72dpi

Let’s heed Breitbart’s call and do what we can to take back the culture first. Then maybe we can still have a chance to take back our country.

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