Roy M. Griffis – Storyteller

Got my “Author’s Copies” yesterday



Which was very cool.  Been working away on the LG2 sequel…maybe 80 pages left to go on that.

Next week, I fly to New York City for the Liberty Island launch party, which is, you know, kinda spanky.  While in the Big Apple, I’ll have a chance to grab some coffee or lunch with some friends, old and new.  One guy, Mark Lanham, I’ve known since High School.  He’s a working actor, doing off-Broadway and some writing.   I’ll also hang out with the Riot Guuuurlz, Scary Smart Jamie K. Wilson and Ms. Always Right , at which point we’ll no doubt get up to some mischief.

Small Threesome


Did I mention The Big Bang is now on Audio Book?  I’m going to try to at least buy the narrator, James Fouhey, a cup of coffee.

Okay, BabyKat is on my lap telling me I need to pay attention to what’s really important, like petting her and finishing the morning’s java before it gets cold.

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