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Gettin’ her SteamPunkGal on

Christina Typewriter

So, I was showing Christina (family friend, budding novelist at 15, assute reader <she loves “By The Hands of Men”>) this beautiful old portable Smith-Corona typewriter I have. She was enthralled…got her inner SteamPunkGal going. And she insisted on using it. She’s down stairs now, typing wildly (two-fingered like the old journalists).
Listening to her, I realized I missed that old typewriter sound…it was weirdly soothing.
I installed this app on my PC and it has that percussive sound to which I wrote so many plays and short stories.  It’s kind of fun
I’m glad I introduced her to the manual typewriter. It makes the act of writing/creating a much more physically involving one. When she goes home tonight, I think I’m going to need to check her purse, first.
She really likes the typewriter.
Oh, my work?  Up to 83 pages on By the Hands of Men, Book Four.  Just sayin’…

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