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Color me Shocked

That another “respected” journalist was caught out in a lie.  Not one of those “Yes, I can still fit into my prom dress” lies we’ve all told (at least, I have), but a real whopper.  It’s a Hillary-level work of prevarication by NBC anchor Brian Williams about being in a Chinook that came under serious fire from Iraq farmers.  I mean, he almost crashed.

That is, he almost crashed in his imagination.  He’s told this story repeatedly to such credulous listeners as Alec Baldwin and David Letterman.  He was afraid he was going to die.  That is, in that story he mis-remembered.  Conflated.  Whatever.

Remember the outrage from the press over Obama’s many lies?  Yeah, me, neither.  Okay, remember the press outrage over Romney’s lies?  Oh, wait, they had a tough time finding those, so they began lying for him (the famous and speciously sourced Romney haircut inspired a lot of righteous pearl clutching).

So, in other words, don’t expect the press to go after one of their own the way they’d go after their sworn enemies, Republicans or Conservatives.  In fact, here’s a PSA from JournoList about the whole affair.

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