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Well, hush my mouth.

“I honestly do not know where to begin. I was not familiar with Mr. Roy Griffis, but was absolutely captivated from the very beginning. I read Book 1, The Old World, and was so drawn into the story that I forgot I was reading a story about these people, and actually felt I was experiencing their story with them. What an incredible accomplishment! Upon finishing Book 1, I felt it was such an amazing read that books 2 and 3 had to be a letdown. I could not have been more wrong. Mr Griffis’ style and storytelling did not drop off one iota. In fact, we continually get drawn further and further in to these characters’ lives. When nearing the end on book 3, I was anxious that Mr Griffis was going to phone it in at the end and wrap everything up too quickly. Again, not to fear. There is a 4th book due, and, instead of being upset, I am thrilled!”
Photo of author (not to scale)
“I would just like to say in summation that I am a lifelong reader, and I LIVE for novels such as these. This series takes second place to none. Mr Griffis, Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with me and I hope and pray that there are many more of this caliber books awaiting moving from your imagination to the page.”
Dunno who this Hokie1971 is, but they have my thanks.
Stuff like this helps gear me up to keep working, I tell ya.

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