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Antifa: A New KKK for Woke DemocratsToday!


LibProgs have gone insane over the realization that half of America voted for the wrong candidate.  This election belonged to the Democrats.  The 1000-year Reich Reign Of Enlightenment was within their grasp.  The Living Constitution would be beaten into compliance with whatever principles (okay, whims) were agitating the Dems at the time.  Smart Science™ would be supreme, with jail time for Climate Change deniers…er, dissenters…ah, hell, call them what they are, heretics.  Journalists would once more return to their rightful places at the seats of power––no, not providing their faces as seat cushions, but it’s not an unreasonable guess.

And history would have been rewritten to reflect higher truths.  From the NYTimes with their trendy “Sex in Communist Country was great” (each according to their needs, apparently)…


Da, Comrade!

…to the true history of America, everything would have to be put into its proper sociopolitical context.  Like the way the Party of Lincoln was the Party that wanted to institutionalize racism and was virulently anti-black.

Well, can’t speak to how busy the Bolsheviks were getting, but the second “truth” is completely and factually wrong.  Don’t believe me, believe Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Ron Chernow.  In his massively researched book “Grant” (963 pages, depending on the edition you read), he makes it clear––as in “The Sun Rises in the East” clear––that the Democrats were the party of slavery, and the Confederacy was primarily a Democrat creation focused on states’ rights, but not the inalienable rights of all .  So anyone who tries to tell you that the evil GOP is the party born of racism is miserably misinformed or they are lying.

Lying, that is, the same way that anyone who claims the Invisible Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were Republicans.

Nope, nope, nope.  It was a product of disgruntled Confederate Democrats who hated the idea of the wrong people voting:  “It was less a tightly structured organization than a free-floating network of thuggish white groups adopting similar methods and rituals to terrorize blacks.” (Chernow, pg 473)

The Klan put on masks and terrorized law-abiding citizens of color with the acquiescence and complicity of local authorities.  “The Klan endeavored to suppress the political rights of the freedmen of the South.”   Say, that sounds like Portland, doesn’t it?  Antifa and their black masks and hidden weapons showed up in force against a lawful group of the wrong sorts, and attacked them while the police stood down, as ordered by the Mayor (who, in a just world, after he’s rendered penniless by the civil suits, will spend the rest of his life perfecting his dumpster diving for dinner).

Early attempts to bring the KKK to justice were doomed to failure for reasons like this:

In West Virginia, an overwhelmingly white state, Democratic politicians sounded the battle cry of electing a “white man’s government” to gain control of the governorship and state legislature.

Democrat juries and especially Democrat judges would not convict their fellow racist Democrats of the most heinous sorts of crime.  Sort of like this profile in courage, a philosophy professor charged with four counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon, causing great bodily injury.  Caught on video and with all kinds of evidence in his home, he got three years’ probation from a Berkeley judge or DA (NOT Republicans, I’m pretty sure) for bashing people on the head from behind with a bike lock.

“Cowardly” doesn’t begin to describe this pusillanimous pustule of a professor.

Modern day Democrats (as noted above, the party of slavery) see the election of Donald Trump as another Civil War they lost.  They lost their rights to be Masters over a class of lesser human beings.  Trump’s election was an attack on what was rightfully theirs:  (the Presidency, the Supreme Court for all time, and our paychecks).  And just as with their loss in 1865, the Democrats have mobilized masked goon squads to ensure the right people are punished for having the wrong beliefs.

Instead of the Darkies, Antifa, the KKK of today, targets the Deplorables for the sin of making Massa Schumer and especially Missus Rodham-Clinton angry.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally at Eastern Market in Detroit, Friday, Nov. 4, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

When you accept that “words are violence” it’s easy to make the logical rational leap to “voting (incorrectly) is violence” (logical and rational if you received your schooling in all things political, factual, and historical from Leftist America’s Socialist Sweetheart, the Bartender with a BS econ degree Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez).  Once that inevitable leap is made, then, of course, you are justified in using real violence to respond to the dreadful political psychic violence you have received.

Of course.






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