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A Fire is coming in July


Bringing the Fire

Volume Two of The Lonesome George Chronicles

The battle for America rages deep in the heart of Texas and from sea to shining sea, as citizens from all walks of life fight against both the invaders and the collaborators in Bringing the Fire. 


Familiar characters return, including reluctant freedom fighter Whistler, the vengeance-driven Molly Ivins, and George W. Bush, who is trapped in the darkness of a protected bunker as communications with the outside slowly fail.  Determined to serve his country to the last, he undertakes a dangerous escape from the safety of the bunker.  Loyalties are tested and people die as the last elected President of the United States races to save what is left of America.


Secret Service Agent Stefanie Zamani never expected to live past the first awful moments of the Big Bang, when Air Force One plummeted through the air like a falling building.  Surprisingly alive after the wreck, Stef saves the First Lady, and only they escape the destruction of the plane.  Surviving raging wildfires, EMP attacks, and drunks with forklifts, the women manage to find safety in the backwoods of Texas before they are betrayed into the hands of the People’s Government of Austin, who capture Laura Bush.  While Stef’s county may have been shattered, her devotion to duty and Mrs. Bush remains.  The political suddenly becomes very personal as the Secret Service Agent plunges into the nightmarish depths of a “worker’s paradise,” determined to rescue the First Lady, and God help anyone who stands in Stefanie Zamani’s way.


Moving across the continent, the second volume of The Lonesome George Chronicles paints the sweeping history of a nation under attack and the people who rise to defend her.

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