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The First Casualty

Welcome, Instapundit readers.  My site,, which was briefly wiped out in the devoutly-to-be-wished-for Instalanche, is back up.

(Note:  this is the original English version of an Op-Ed piece I was asked to write for Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger on what the election means for the United States)

Image result for hillary clinton loss

Trump won.

That surprised not only the Hillary faithful, but a lot of conservatives as well, including me.  Because, frankly, most of us (including the candidate herself) figured the end of this movie had already been written.

It may not be known in Europe, but Hillary Clinton had a vast machine behind her:  a Democrat National Committee (which, per WikiLeaks, had colluded to suppress the votes of Bernie Saunders supporters), a …

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I’m not sayin’ anything, but I’m just sayin’…


There’s no fiercer test than the infamous final “Multi,” one of the world’s most physically exhausting, psychologically demanding trials by turbulence—and what every aspiring U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer must do.

The U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer test starts with the equivalent of wrestling a linebacker in a hurricane, and gets worse from there.

Called the Multi—short for Three-Man Multiple Rescue Scenario—it’s the final test a U.S. Coast Guard airman must pass to become an Aviation Survival Technician (AST), an elite swimmer who leaps into water out of a helicopter and hauls drowning mariners to safety.

“The Multi is a fitness test, but it’s also a

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This damn well made my day

A very nice review over at Whispering Stories.

BTHOM3 Front Cover

“Meeting Charlotte Braninov again was like becoming reacquainted with an old friend. We meet her on her journey from her homeland of Russia on board a ship bound for London. Travelling with her, are the compatriots she met during her imprisonment at the hands of the Red Army. During the sea crossing we witness a different side to human nature when benevolence takes the place of brutality. Charlotte’s altruism continues to shine through as she builds a life for herself and her companions in England.

“…I look forward to much more from this very accomplished wordsmith and I can award ‘The Wrath of a Righteous Man’ no less than a perfect five …

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So, the KGB sent me another email

The “Swiss Journalist” wrote:  Hi Griff, hope things are well. Can we talk on the phone tomorrow? I have to ask you something…

And I thought to myself:  This is how it starts.Image result for dogs running in night

It begins with “Can you do me a favor?” and it ends up with you running for your life through a muddy swamp at midnight, being chased down by rifle-toting guards who are accompanied by dogs that don’t respond to commands in English planning on playing “fetch” with my giblets.


So I said, “Sure!”…

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A fun chat with “This is Writing”

Author Interviews: Roy Madison Griffis and his By The Hands of Men

Roy Griffis Author InterviewsFor those who don’t know you, introduce yourself, your writing and books

Given name Roy Madison Griffis.

Roy for my mom’s father.

Madison from my dad’s father.  He was born in deep south, and his birth name was Marion Madison Griffis, but my own father had an inkling such a name might cause me trouble in the growing-up-and-surviving department, so he opted for the middle name.

All that being said, most people call me “Griff.”  I was in the Coast Guard about 30 seconds before I became Griff for the rest of my life.

My writing?  Along the way, I’ve written

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