Books Four and Five Released.

By the Hands of Men, Book Four

The Blind Machinery of the World

She saved her friends from a life of imprisonment and escaped to the safety of England, but the shadow of modern fanaticism looms over Britain and the continent.  What future awaits Charlotte when murderous madness stalks Europe?


After escaping her enslavement by the Bolsheviks, Charlotte Braninov begins to build a new life in London.  She hoped to leave the insanity of Russia behind with the help of her family of refugees, but a dear friend and benefactor goes missing in France. Journeying to post-war Paris, she once more works as a nurse, confronting disease and danger.  With communist zealots prowling Europe, will peace forever elude Charlotte?…

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I greeted the New Year a little unhappy

As, in the middle of my vacation, I caught my annual cold (and that virus was a tenacious bastard, let me tell you).  But, 2019 is gonna be great.

Hint:  New covers.


Hint two:  new blurbs.

“The Old World”

A soldier fights for his soul in the trenches of France.  A field hospital nurse battles death every day.  Are duty and honor enough of a reason to go on in the hell of a world at war?

A mere mile from the blood-drenched front lines, Russian refugee and nurse Charlotte Braninov encounters English Lieutenant Robert Fitzgerald, who helps her save the life of another soldier.  Robert’s calm, courtly manner lingers in Charlotte’s mind, a comforting memory amid the deluge

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Well, hush my mouth


We are pleased to announce that the winner of the FEATURE FILM category of the TalNexus SmashCut Screenplay Competition will be honored with The John Milius Screenwriting Award.

John Milius is one among the few iconic screenwriters of the last 50 years.

From Robert Duval on the shores of Vietnam “I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Smells like, victory.” in Apocalypse Now, and Clint Eastwood’s “Go ahead, make my day.” as Dirty Harry in Sudden Impact, to that touching moment at the graveside in Saving Private Ryan when former Pvt. Ryan asks, “Did I live a good life?”, Milius is responsible for some of cinema’s most iconic moments as …

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Novel Research: It ain’t all glory.

Today, my wife Alisa and I were out and about in the woods of East Texas, doing research for my next project (which I can’t really tell you about…I want y’all to be surprised when you read it…I’m sure you understand).

Here are a couple of pix that might contain hints.




Then again, they might not:

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A New Unit of Measurement

I was happily showing my 24-year-old son, Cameron, the draft ms of By the Hands of Men, Book Four:  Ringside at the Circus of the Fallen.  

All 109,000 words and 367 pages.

He took a look at and, apparently unimpressed, observed: “Looks like you’ve got about a quarter of a Martin there.”

So, in case you’ve ever been looking for a way to quantitatively describe a book, there’s your unit of measurement.  A Martin.

That’s my boy.…

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“I found myself ‘finding’ ‘creating’ and ‘needing’ time to read.”

Awfully kind praise from novelist and blogger Connie Huddleston:

I needed to read an adult book.  I chose a very good one. I found myself “finding” “creating” and “needing” time to read.  Being an historian, I have studied The Great War, now called World War I; however, that front line horror of war is hard to tell. Griffis brought the story right to me with words that created characters whom I quickly came to enjoy so much I had to read. Set in a military hospital, very near the front line, The Old World is actually the story of a group of about six characters and their existence, their human drama, during the war. The story delivers fear, horror, love,

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