Book Bomb on January 20!

Exploding onto Amazon on December 16

On January 20 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. PST (1-4 EST), we’re staging a book bomb to push The Big Bang (written by moi, Roy M. Griffis) up the charts.  I’m shamelessly asking my friends and supporters (especially you conservatives and libertarians) to spread the word.   You could buy the novel yourself, for instance.  Or, if you could blog or tweet or email during that time (1/20, from 1000 – 1300 PST), sharing a link to the book ( and encouraging your readers or friends to purchase the novel in paperback or e-book, we all win!

You can read an excerpt here:  The Big Bang at the National Review, and who knows, perhaps tweet or …

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“The Big Bang” Detonates on January 20


The Big Bang, the first volume of the Lonesome George Chronicles, is already on Amazon as an ebook.  It will be available as a paperback on January 20, 2015, with an audio book version by Audible coming soon, too.  We’ve had some nice blurbs.  Rich Lowry (Editor of the National Review), called it “”A wild romp through a post-apocalyptic America unimaginably awful but also highly contemporary. Buckle your seat belts–and prepare to resist.”   Ben Shapiro, NY Times best-selling author, found the novel “Clever, witty, tense, and a thoroughly enjoyable read!”

I’m nearly finished with the first draft of the sequel…maybe about 150 pages from finishing.  I’ve already finished the first draft of “By the Hands of Men” Books 2 …

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Writer’s Life

It can be lonely, at times, but often we have companions in our battles.  Today, mine was BabyKat, although as you can see here, she was encroaching on my writing space just a bit.  She felt pretty guilty about it, I’m sure.



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The Best Supernatural Revenge B-Movie You’ve Never Seen

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Remember when movies were “fun?”  They weren’t film, they weren’t cinema.  They were movies.  They weren’t trying to change your life — to quote an old movie mogul, Jack Warner, “If you want to send a message, use Western Union.”  Movies were willing to give a shot at changing your moments, like about 90 minutes worth of them.  And if you happened to see a really good movie, more than likely you walked away with a big, goofy grin on your face.

For the geekigentsa, the 60s and early 70s were a golden age of “film.”  The young turks were taking it to the Man and the System.  The Godfather.  Bonnie and ClydeMidnight Cowboy.  All …

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Storming the Gates of Somebody’s Heaven

I’ve been doing some other writing these days.  My publishers, Liberty Island Media, have asked me to work on a sequel to “The Big Bang, Volume One of the Lonesome George Chronicles” or LG1 for short.  LG1 is due to be published later this year, and I’m about half way done with what I call LG2.

In addition to the work on that novel, I’ve recently started some irregular work for Pajamas Media, which is one of the original thorn-in-the-side-of-the-smug-status-quo blog sites, founded by some early and very respectable journalist bloggers.

I recently had one piece in PJM on “Rape Culture” and its elder enablers, called, oddly enough, “Sins of the Elders,” published in the PJ Tatler.…

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A Month of Griff in the Media?

Who could resist that, right?

(You see how impressed Felix is with the news).  Oddly, for three weeks in the last month, I was either part of some Internet media project or the featured subject of a story or interview.   Read more below to select the media morsel that most sates your appetite for all things Griff.

Writestream Radio 

On the internet radio show created and run by the very talented Daria Anne DiGiovanni, I was guest along with the scary-smart Jamie Wilson (“Five Smokin’ Hot Feet of Conservative Fury”). We had a chance to discuss writing, the modern cultural myths that surround us all, and maybe we discussed cooking, too.

 Pajamas Media

Not to be confused with …

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The Year begins with a bang and a cough

The year started off with a bang and cough.

The bang was me flying to Washington DC to attend the retirement ceremony of ASTMC James Brandt.  Jimi and I attend Rescue Swimmer School years ago, when it was run by the Navy at Pensacola and was known as the “second toughest school in the Navy.” He and I were, respectively, USCG Rescue Swimmer 60 and 62.  I never saw Jimi after RS School, and after my next tour of duty, left the Coast Guard to follow a different path.  Jimi stayed in for 30 years and became the Master Chief Rescue Swimmer of the Coast Guard.  I was quite touched when he asked me to come to his retirement.

My …

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