Let’s talk about some real magic

Here I am, talking about writing, the magic and power of stories, and the world of my novel, “The Big Bang.”

As you know, the book is available in paperback at Amazon,Barnes & Noble, and other brick n’ mortar sites.  You can get the ebook at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and over 20 other sites, and it’s an audio book from Audible!  Something about that last part is just pretty damn cool.


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My “blazing” debut.

This was lovely and wholly unexpected.  TheBlaze.com ran an excerpt from the opening of Volume One of the Lonesome George Chronicles, The Big Bang.    One major reason it was so nice was because it really excited my Mom.  She’s a fan of Glenn Beck, and after having to read my stuff ever since I was a wee annoying lad of seven, she was thrill to see all of her decades of patience and encouragement pay off with my appearance in the virtual pages of The Blaze.   (Love ya, Mom!)

“Last year we wrote about Liberty Island, a publishing house created by longtime industry executive Adam Bellow to help independent authors see their conservative and libertarian-themed fiction titles come to …

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Asking the Most Powerful Question to Protect Your Family

(from a piece of mine published over at Pajamas Media)

The question “What if…?” is arguably one of the most important questions humans have ever asked, right up there with “How come..?” By posing the problem “What if…” man allows himself to discover answers. Even a failed “What if…” provides the attentive viewer with information. Early Man may have asked “What if we poke that Saber Tooth Tiger in the testicles with a stick? Go ahead, you do it.” So he asked and so he learned. But “What if…” can also provide you with unexpected solutions, such as “What if a bunch of us Australopithecines teamed up against that mastodon,” which lead to the invention of the first all-you-can eat …

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Want to hear me interviewed

…while kind of whacked out on Nyquil?  Yeah, I came back from New York City with good memories, great pix, and a cold.  Or the flu.  The jury is out on the origin of the attacker, but I had scheduled and rescheduled an interview with Daria Anne DiGiovanni of Writestream Radio so I decided to press on ahead with a little chemical assistance.


I thought I was a bit spacey, but Daria, as always, was a great interviewer and she did her best to keep me on track.  You can listen by clicking here or download it below for future listening at your convenience.

Interviewed by Daria for WriteStream!

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So, this is what being a published author looks like.

Okay…made it to NYC yesterday and the Book Launch Party. I was an hour and a half late, but that was fine (other than the fact I raced into the hotel room, threw my case and laptop on the bed and raced out, forgetting to change into my grown up shoes).


(I’m in the red.  The gray shoes belong to another fashion threat, Clarke Wilson, husband to my co-conspirator Scary Smart Jamie K. Wilson)

It was great, the restaurant/club was two blocks from the hotel, and literally a stone’s throw from the famed Algonquin Hotel. As I was working hard to talk to folks and thank them for showing up, I didn’t get a lot of pictures…will have to get …

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I’m goin’ to New York City…


For some reason, when I say that, in my head it’s to the tune of an old blues riff about “I’m goin’ to Kansas City” (first sung in my presence by a homeless drunk in Omaha, Nebraska).

However…my publishers, Liberty Island Media, are having a launch party and I’m going to drop in on them.  It will give me a chance to meet at last and in the actual flesh, the publisher, David Bernstein, and the Editor, Adam Bellow.  Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review and blurber of my novel, will also be in attendance.  I am hoping that my comrades de satire, the mysterious and alluring Ms. Always Right and Scary Smart Jamie K. …

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Color me Shocked

That another “respected” journalist was caught out in a lie.  Not one of those “Yes, I can still fit into my prom dress” lies we’ve all told (at least, I have), but a real whopper.  It’s a Hillary-level work of prevarication by NBC anchor Brian Williams about being in a Chinook that came under serious fire from Iraq farmers.  I mean, he almost crashed.

That is, he almost crashed in his imagination.  He’s told this story repeatedly to such credulous listeners as Alec Baldwin and David Letterman.  He was afraid he was going to die.  That is, in that story he mis-remembered.  Conflated.  Whatever.

Remember the outrage from the press over Obama’s many lies?  Yeah, me, neither.  Okay, remember …

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“Superego” – It’s not all in your head.


Stop me if you’ve heard this before:  Robert A. Heinlein and Mickey Spillane walk into a bar…

If they ever had sat down with a fifth of Jack Daniels and in the company of a sultry red-headed “typist” named Velma, a novel like Superego might have been the result.

The setting — an interstellar civilization, alien races mingling with humanity, Artificial Intelligence sending your escape craft jumping through wormholes — is pure 50’s SF, hearkening back to to the Grand Master himself, RAH.  That part alone is handled with a scary ease that borders on mastery (if you hear envy leaking into this review, please disregard it as I am above any petty professional jealousies over the skill of

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Got my “Author’s Copies” yesterday



Which was very cool.  Been working away on the LG2 sequel…maybe 80 pages left to go on that.

Next week, I fly to New York City for the Liberty Island launch party, which is, you know, kinda spanky.  While in the Big Apple, I’ll have a chance to grab some coffee or lunch with some friends, old and new.  One guy, Mark Lanham, I’ve known since High School.  He’s a working actor, doing off-Broadway and some writing.   I’ll also hang out with the Riot Guuuurlz, Scary Smart Jamie K. Wilson and Ms. Always Right , at which point we’ll no doubt get up to some mischief.

Small Threesome


Did I mention The Big Bang is now on Audio Book?  I’m …

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