Volume One of the “Lonesome George Chronicles” is coming


My first novel, The Big Bang, Volume One of the Lonesome George Chronicles, will be e-published by Liberty Island Media next Spring, 2014.

Liberty Island  is a new web-magazine with ambitious goals:  to promotes the values of personal freedom and public liberty, and rejects all forms of orthodoxy, dogma and political correctness.  I’m honored they chose Lonesome George to be one of the first novels they are releasing.

And work on the website continues, that is, when I’m not completing the revisions of By the Hands of Men, Book Two:  To the Colonies and Beyond.

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My Criminal Career

I don’t think anyone decides “Hey, when I grow up, I’m going to be a felon.”  At age 6, I wanted to be an astronaut.  But I went wrong somewhere.  Can’t pin it on my upbringing:  sure, we moved around a lot, since my father was a career NCO in the Air Force.  But I stayed out of trouble and only have three months experience with drugs, back one summer almost 30 years ago.  After high school, I spent eight years in the Coast Guard.  In the years since, I completed college.  I became a member of a Union.  Married, with 3 adult children.  Own my own home, and worked my way up from a two-week temporary to department supervisor …

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