Roy M. Griffis – Storyteller


This past Sunday, I finished the first draft of the second Cthulhu, Inc.  book, The Auditors of Doom.  That clocked in at 340 pages, over 78,000 words.  I’m taking a week off to clear my head before diving into the revisions/rewrites.

In the meantime, waiting anxiously for the revised cover of Book One The Thing from HR.   Aiming to have that ready and released right around Memorial Day:  nothing says “beach reading” like the misadventures of a Shoggoth down among the Hairless Apes.

This may or may not be how our "hero" will look

And, since life has a way of happening even while I’m living among the characters in my head, I’ve been rehearsing a play with my son.  I have the tiny part of the Village Idiot, while he is the male ingenue.  (His mother commented “Your father will have no trouble playing a simpleton.”  She’s off my Christmas Card list)  He and I have never performed together, and while we don’t have any real interaction on stage, it’s always fun to hang out with AdventureDude.

Then yesterday there was a trip to the emergency room for my wife.  Fortunately, it was only her gallbladder.  Painful, yes, but not critical at this time.  Specialist visits to follow, but ever since I had mine removed with no ill effects at all, my position on an angry gallbladder is “vacuum that rascal out and get on with our lives.”

Now, back to work with me.