I’ve written short stories, plays, poetry, novels, and screenplays. I’m a member of the Writer’s Guild and a former US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, as well as an occasional contributor to PJ Media and other conservative websites.  My novel The Big Bang, Volume One of the Lonesome George Chronicles was published January 20, 2015 by Liberty Island Media.  The sequel “Bring the Fire” will be published in early 2017.  There are three volumes of my “By the Hands of Men” series available (“The Old World,” “Into the Flames” and “The Wrath of a Righteous Man“).  A co-creator of the satiric strip “Truesbury,” I also write and perform political satire with The Right-Wing Riot as “The Prince of Whitebread.”  I live in Southern California with my wife and family.

Click below for some nice things folks have said about my and my various creative endeavors:

According to Taki Magazine, I’m “this enviably talented bastard” (which is, in fact, one of the nicest things anyone’s said about me this century).

PJMedia promoted my Right-Wing Riot project as one of the leaders of the New Counter-Culture (“it’s groovy, man, as long as you pay for it yourself”).

And of my novel The Big Bang, Volume One of the Lonesome George Chroniclesa few kind words have been spilled, too.  Rich Lowry, at the National Review, called it “A wild romp through a post-apocalyptic America unimaginably awful but also highly contemporary. Buckle your seat belts–and prepare to resist.”  Ben Shapiro, NYT best-selling author, said it was “Clever, witty, tense, and a thoroughly enjoyable read!”

There’s more, here and there, but my folks raised me not to brag too much.

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    1. Roy "Griff" Griffis

      Gentle Reader:
      Comments like yours are fuel to my creative fire. I’ve said this before (and I should write it down as a post, in my oodles of spare time), but I thought writing the novel was hard. There’s the entire process of dreaming it up and having the stamina/discipline/nay, self-delusion to keep going. Because you hope it’s good. You hope you’re not fooling yourself. And you get the book done…and then you have to figure out how to let people know it exists. All the while, there’s that tiny voice of doubt that whispers “Hey, maybe it’s crap and you need to brush up on your barista skills.”

      So, thank you. I’m pleased you enjoyed the books as you did, and I promise you I’m hard at work (research right now, with some writing alongside).

      All the best,

  1. Martin Meier (from Altendorf, Switzerland)

    Dear Mr. Griffis
    My English is not good, but I hope you will although understand me. I have published this springtime a novel in German called “Die Rebellin Gottes” – God’s Rebel Woman. It is about a strong Southern Lady during the War Between The States:

    Volume 1:Paula Duchêne is the dream of all men and makes wondering the old latin teacher. She likes to become a strong woman – no easy thing in rural Virginia in the middle of the 19th century, especially because she is often falling between two stools: Lesbian and truly catholic, patriotic Southerner and opposing slavery and racism, bold commander and humble nun – how can she bring all those different things under one heading? Faithful in herself and much more in God, intelligent and humorous she takes up the challenges and being defeated she never yields until victory is won! Volume 2: Paula has changed her uniforme: The gray of the Southern Army has been replaced by the light blue of the Sacred Heart Sisters. But under the monastic habit a brave and rebel heart is still beating, too, and sister Mary Joan of Arc – this is Paula’s new name – becomes the terror as well of the Ku Klux Klan as of the envious vicar general of Savannah. For her schoolgirls and for the rebuilding of her destroyed country she does (almost) every thing. So, adventures will not wait for a long time!

    Maybe in Paula’s own country my book will be read more often than in good old Europe! But therefore I need a translator. Can you help me?

    Sincerly, yours Martin

    1. Roy "Griff" Griffis

      Let me first congratulate you on finishing a novel at all. It’s an accomplishment a lot of people dream of but never achieve.

      I can’t translate it for you, but I could let some folks know you are looking for help. If you email your contact information (and a link to your books) to me at [email protected], I’ll spread the word.

      Again,well-done on finishing the novels!

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